Chris Runner Carrier

Chris Runner has been the leading courier and messenger for route and on-demand same-day delivery services in all over southern California When you need immediate shipping you can rely on us to deliver your packages, bank deposits, pick-up your mail, time sensitive medical deliveries, court filings and small packages.

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We are proud to offer a variety of services in any area of California 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Chris Runner Carrier guarantees delivery of all packages by the published or quoted delivery time. If the package is delivered more than 10 minutes past the published or quoted time, we will, at its option, credit or refund the transportation charges to the shipper.
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Our management
Committed to customer service, reliability, and professionalism.
We strive for complete satisfaction of our valued clients and will ensure our customers ultimate happiness with our services.
Our executive team and branch managers will work closely with you to develop logistics strategies customized to your needs. 44
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